Ajay Devgn’s Top 10 Movies You Need To Watch on His Birthday

It’s April 2, which also happens to be the Birthday of India’s Angry gangster Ajay Devgn. Since starting his careers in action thrillers, Ajay Devgn has branched into various genres such as Mumbai Noir, Comedies, Thrillers, Love Stories, Drama but his real forte has been Gangster and Cop dramas. Nevertheless, Ajay has proven his mantle in all of his roles and he has been good even in his bad movies. So, we are bringing you Top 10 Ajay Devgn movies you need to watch on his birthday: 10. Drishyam: A remake of the Malayalam movie Drishyam and loosely based on […]

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Black Panther Honest Review : Sorry, Not So Great

Black Panther

As the anticipation for Black Panther reached sky high as soon as the reviews for the movie started pouring in, I started asking myself few questions. Is it really that good? Can it really challenge “The Dark Knight”(Duh! The Greatest Superhero movie ever made) in terms of universal acclaim? Am I going to be bowled over by the movie when it will end? The anticipation reached a new level when it started posting great numbers and by the end of the week posted the 5th biggest opening weekend collections of all time. I was apprehensive about the reviews as critics […]

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Oscars 2018 Early Predictions : Who Will Likely Win In Each Of The Primary Categories

This Tuesday, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled the nominations for the 90th Annual Oscar awards with few snubs such as the complete omission of critically and commercially acclaimed “Wonder Woman” as well as Steven Spielberg for “The Post” and James Franco for “The Disaster Artist”. But still, rest of the nominations were pretty much locked since October. The Oscars will take place in Los Angeles, California on March 4, 2018, and will be hosted again by Jimmy Kimmel. Now based on the early analysis and frontrunners among the awards circuit, here are our early predictions for […]

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Justice League And The Agony Of A True Batman Fan

My first introduction to superheroes was not to the Batman or Superman’s of the world. It was actually Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv and Doga brought to us by Raj Comics that I got acquainted with the idea of how a superhero looks like. They have superpowers, of course, and they occasionally team up with each other to save the world from bad guys. Whenever I used to travel with my parents on a train, I would pursue them to buy me one of those comics. And mind you, they might not be as popular now, but in the late 80’s […]

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20 Years Of Titanic : 20 Facts You Dont Know About The Iconic Movie


Its been 20 years since Titanic was released, guys. If you suddenly start feeling old, then you should. Most of us millennials were too young when the movie came out and wasn’t able to appreciate the movie for being one of the true cultural icons of its time or any other time, for that matter. Titanic was released on 18th November 1997 and it went on to become a true cultural milestone. Twitter and Facebook were not there that time but Titanic still managed to enter the living rooms of our household and made Leo and Kate superstars. So to […]

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25 Inspirational Movies To Watch Whenever You Are Feeling Down


We all go through a phase in our life where we need motivation, a time when we are totally down. This is the time when we genuinely need inspiration and that’s why we have compiled this list of inspirational movies, which will motivate you whenever you have lost all hope on life. The Shawshank Redemption The greatest inspirational movie there is and there ever will be. This 1994 movie directed by Frank Darabont starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in leading roles based on a short story by Stephen “Frikin” King is not just a typical prison story but it’s […]

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14 Biggest Moments From Game Of Thrones Season 7

Game Of Thrones Dragon

Game Of Thrones season 7 has finally ended. The constant joy of watching people of Westeros plot against each other it killing each other each week will not be there for we don’t know how long. Season 7 was a short season from GOT standards with many ups and downs but there were moments of true cinematic brilliance which only a show of GOT’s caliber can achieve. We have compiled a list 10 biggest moments from the season 7 of Game Of Thrones. Note- Major spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the finale of GOT then I must suggest leave […]

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Movie Review : The Hitman’s Bodyguard


The buddy-cop genre has been a staple of the Hollywood movies for over 3 decades now with few misses here and there but mostly successful such as Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Midnight Run. Mastered by Shane Black during the 80’s, there’s something about the genre that it keeps coming back but we still enjoy it. It’s not about the action but the clash of two different personalities which shines. If one is slow, another is fast, if one is talkative then other is shy. Which is what exactly The Hitman’s Bodyguard serves its audience with occasional low […]

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Top 10 Songs From Bollywood Dedicated To Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi is here. The festival of Dhol & Nagada’s is back and for next 10 days you will found yourself immersed with the chants of “Ganpati Bappa Maurya”. The festival which begun today will last for 10 days and ends on 5th September. So in honor of Ganpati Bappa, we bring you the best songs from our Bollywood movies which you can listen to while celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Deva Shree Ganesha – Agneepath   Sindoor Lal Chadayo – Vaastav   Sadda Dil Vi Tu Ganpati – ABCD   Mourya Re – Don   Bappa – Banjo   Gajanana – […]

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20 Best Patriotic Movies To Watch On India’s 70th Independence Day

Every Independence day we go back to the songs and movies which bring back patriotism in us. These are the things which help us in reliving those moments and personalities which helped to shape the independent India as we know it today. Hence on the occasion of India’s 70th Independence day, we bring you the top patriotic movies which you can watch today, in no particular order: Rang De Basanti(2006) No film captured the imagination of Indian youth like Rang De Basanti. This was the film which gave the people idea of silent marches and candle light protests. Based on […]

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