14 Biggest Moments From Game Of Thrones Season 7

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Game Of Thrones season 7 has finally ended. The constant joy of watching people of Westeros plot against each other it killing each other each week will not be there for we don’t know how long. Season 7 was a short season from GOT standards with many ups and downs but there were moments of true cinematic brilliance which only a show of GOT’s caliber can achieve. We have compiled a list 10 biggest moments from the season 7 of Game Of Thrones.

Note- Major spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the finale of GOT then I must suggest leave now or regret later.

Still here…..that means you have seen the episode or just don’t care about the spoilers, so we must begin.

  1. Arya Kills Whole Frey Clan:

  2. Arya Game Of Thrones

    I was literally jumping up and down when Arya removed Walder Frey’s face and said: “When people ask what happened here, tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey.” It’s a powerful moment and Maisie Williams deadpan delivery makes it more awesome. I have been rooting for Arya from season 1 because she is one of the few characters or probably the only character who didn’t change. May be she is more skilled now but she was always Arya of Winterfell and never quite moved away from her target.

  3. Olenna Tyrell’s Revelation and Demise:

  4. Olenna_Tyrell_Game_Of_Thrones
    Courtesy HBO

    Olenna Tyrell was one of the strongest characters of GOT, so much so that she matched Tywin in every aspect. She was the one who planned Joffrey’s murder and didn’t even flinch when she confessed it in front of Jaime in “The Queen’s Justice”. It was a powerful moment and Olenna went like a boss, “Tell her it was me.”

  5. Gendry’s Return:

  6. Courtesy HBO

    Gendry may not be the most character in GOT but he is certainly a fan favorite. The dude’s never got his due and has been rowing across the oceans for past 3 seasons. And I believe he is a true heir to the Throne as he is a bastard of last true king. So it was great to see him back. And boy, was he good with that hammer, “I don’t know anything about swords, but this I know.”

  7. Euron Attacks Greyjoy Fleet:

  8. Euron_Yara_Game_Of_Thrones_Season_7
    Courtesy HBO

    Euron was going to be this season’s big bad villain but somehow he got lost in all the mayhem and big spectacles. Nevertheless, his attack on Greyjoy fleet left a lasting impact on Daenerys with queen taking things in her own hand after losing 3 of the important battles. The scene was reminiscent of the Battle of the Blackwater and ended up badly for Greyjoy’s as well as Sand sisters along with their mother(nobody liked them anyway).

  9. Fight Between Dothraki, Daenerys and Lannisters at Highgarden:
    Courtesy HBO
  10. The whole scene was breathtaking with Bronn making fun of Dickon’n name and then realizing something far worse is coming. The horde of Dothraki soldiers attacking Lannister’s army showed how ruthless they can be in the battlefield. And the sound of the Drogon juxtaposed on Jaime and Bronn’s expressions was priceless. Bronn was especially great in the whole sequence as it showed the damage done by Dragon’s from his perspective in a single take shot. The final scene, where Jaime decides to go for the queen herself with Tyrion saying “Flee you Idiot” and the moment Drogon opens his mouth to spit fire was amazing in every aspect. And for the first time in GOT, I was rooting for both the sides.

  11. Jorah Gets Cured of Greyscale:
  12. The king of the Friends-Zone, Ser Jorah finally came to Citadel looking for a cure and thanks to Samwell Tarly’s unwillingness to follow orders from his superiors meant that Jorah finally got the cure for Greyscale. The scene was utterly disgusting especially since the Pus opening scene was transitioned into crusty pot pie.

  13. Jon Pats Drogon:
  14. Season 7 was filled with little hints that Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen with finally the truth being revealed in the finale but one of the most striking moments during the season was when Daenerys arrives back at the Dragonstone and Drogon tries to intimidate Jon but instead, but as soon as Jon gives him a little pat on the back, Drogon calms down and Daenerys looks surprised.

  15. Bran, Arya & Sansa Reunion:

  16. This season was also notable for being a season of reunions, a lot of main characters reunited such as Gendry and Davos, Brienne and Hound, Hound and Mountain, Bronn and Tyrion, Tyrion and Jaime but the most notable one was Bran, Arya, and Sansa. After getting separated in season one, their reunion was not the most hunky-dory of the reunions with Bran creeping out Sansa, telling her about her rape, and Arya creeping out Sansa about her newfound status as Faceless Man(or Woman to be precise). After a lot of ups and downs in their relationship throughout the season, they finally decided to come together to defeat the common enemy.

  17. Littlefinger’s Death:

  18. Speaking of the common enemy, Littlefinger’s journey and his conquest to rule the seven kingdom’s came to a bitter end in the finale of the of season 7. It was kind of a foolish of him to think that he can turn the Starks one another, even though Bran warned him that he can see him through. But it could have been highly beneficial for him, had his plans have succeeded. Aiden Gillen was terrific in his last scene when he starts crying as soon as he realizes that his end is near.

  19. Arya & Brienne’s Sparring Session:

  20. Brienne when last met Arya, she was just a small girl who was taken captive by Hound himself and couldn’t have defended herself, but when she actually comes pretty close to defeating Brienne during their sparring session, it was natural for Brienne to be surprised. But it wasn’t just her, but Sansa too who found herself to be least skilled as compared to her skilled siblings.

  21. Fight Beyond The Wall and Viserion’s Demise:
  22. Whole plot of Jon and Tyrion devising the ridiculous plot to grab a wight-walker just to convince Cersei was a total Bakchodi to be frank. It was an elaborate plot just to hand over one Dragon to Night King but Game Of Thrones is one such serial which can always get away with the mistakes by serving the sheer amount of spectacle, it serves. Be it The World War Z type hordes of zombies falling like ants or Daenery’s grand entry with the Dragon, the episode was a dream come true for long time GOT fans who wanted to Dragons fight against Wight Walkers, but it came at the cost of Viserion first being killed by Night King and then being resurrected.

  23. Jon & Daenerys Meets at Dragonstone:
  24. This has gotta be one of the hilarious moments of Game Of Thrones so far. After so many years of leading up to the meeting between fire and ice, it was kind of hilarious that both of them met like that, but it is GOT’s strongest point. The moment when Davos introduced Jon Snow as “He is King in the North” was pure funny and awkward.

  25. The Meeting:
  26. The meeting in the finale was the kind of scene everyone was waiting for, where all the major characters barring few were present in the same scene. Hound, Mountain, Cersei, Tyrion, Jaime, Daenerys, Davos, Jon, Varys were all present in one single frickin scene. The director and writers took their time with the scene and it was justifiably long at almost 40 minutes.

  27. Night King Destroys the wall:
  28. Finally, the last shot of Night King riding the ice dragon was a goosebumpy scene. Most of the people saw this coming but when the Dragon plain and simple destroyed the whole wall which was made with all the magic to keep the negative forces at bay.

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