7 Awesome Things We Learned From Justice League Trailer At Comic Con


Image via Warner Bros.  

Warner Bros. yesterday unveiled the latest explosive sneak peek of the hugely awaited Justice League at Comic-Con and we can say that DCEU is going all out after the huge critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman. As a lifelong Batman fan ever since I saw The Dark Knight, this makes me really happy but also skeptical as I remember my hopes of getting decent movies from DC shattered one after another by Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.  But as Wonder Woman showed us last summer that All’s not lost and there’s still some home. So here we are presenting 5 awesome things we learned from Justice League trailer. But first, let’s check out the trailer here:



  1. The Tonal Shift

  2. Justice League Trailer Reveal
    Image via Warner Bros.

    Ever since the first Man of Steel came out, people have been complaining about the tonal changes Zack Snyder have made to the Superman’s character. Most of the complaint was related to Snyder’s dark take on the character which is generally known as the ray of hope as opposed to the Batman’s dark origins. A few months back Zack Snyder dropped out of the movie after a family tragedy and Joss “Avengers” Whedon is brought in to complete the post production on the movie along with extensive reshoots. Now Joss Whedon who is widely known for directing two highly successful Avengers movie and a self-proclaimed comic book geek is known for directing light hearted movies, which was highly needed after last year’s bashing of BVS & Suicide Squad. You can literally make out the difference between the trailers released in the Snyder Era which were dark and gloomy and this latest trailer which is light and the colors too seemed to be more bright so that the audience can figure out what is going on. A lot of the action takes place during the day in the trailer which is great along with the emphasis on humor which is definitely needed.

  3. Focus on Wonder Woman

  4. Gal Gadot in Justice League Trailer
    Image via Warner Bros.

    Everyone saw this coming. With the success of Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot becoming household name it was inevitable that focus would be on Wonder Woman as compared to her peers in the DCEU a la Iron Man in Marvel’s initial days. A lot of that can be attributed to the fact that Joss Whedon was in contention to direct the first ever onscreen adaptation for Wonder Woman as he is a lifelong fan of the character and has been an advocate of the strong female character’s ever since his “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” days. But folks at Warner Bros. didn’t like the script that much the project was shelved and eventually, Petty Jenkins directed the movie. You can see that the opening of the trailer is given to Wonder Woman stopping a daylight robbery which easily transitions to her daytime job at a museum. Fans of the character will rejoice this move and this will surely help JL in the wake of the success of Wonder Woman.

  5. Aquaman is Badass

  6. Jason Momoa in Justice League Trailer
    Image via Warner Bros.

    Jason Momoa in Justice League Trailer_2
    Image via Warner Bros.

    Jason Momoa in Justice League Trailer_3
    Image via Warner Bros.

    Aquaman has always been somewhat of a joke character in the comic book realms, a guy who can talk to fish. Nobody really took him seriously. But the things changed when Jason Momoa who is known for his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones was cast as the titular character. Jason Momoa certainly fits the character really well with his no-fucks-given attitude and large frame.
    Now the Aquaman we seen in the latest trailer is what everyone’s has been hoping for, a big badass Aquaman. The scene where he takes the Parademon through the floors of the building and comes out saying woo-hoo certainly makes the statement. At one point he coolly declares “This is crazy, I’ll say we are all gonna die. If his character is as good as the trailer in the movie, DCEU might already have a hit in the form of next year’s Aquaman.

  7. Flash is the new kid on the block

  8. flash-justice-league-movie-trailer
    Image via Warner Bros.

    I have been a fan of Ezra Miller ever since I saw him in Perks Of Being A Wallflower & We Need To Talk About Kevin. He certainly is able to play troubled characters but here he is the new kid on the block who is coming to terms with his new found power and being a part of super heroes. Most of the jokes come from the Flash. At one point he tells Batman that he may not be ready for battles and stuff, at most he has done is pushed people and run away. Not only this but Warner Bros. announced that his standalone movie will feature the Flashpoint storyline which might alter the timelines in the DCEU as we know it.

  9. Steppenwolf is in no mood for jokes

  10. steppenwolf-justice-league-trailer
    Image via Warner Bros.

    Voiced by Ciaran Hinds(Mance Rayder from Game of Thrones), Steppenwolf looks dangerous. I am not totally in favor of a full CGI villain as it takes away the personality from the character but we might have to see the actual movie to see how his character pans out. But his voice seems to be genuinely scary when he says “No Lanterns, No Kryptonians”. His entry in Themyscera is certainly a badass introduction of the character along with his powers of destruction.

  11. Alfred steals the show with his one-liners

  12. jeremy-irons-alfred-in-justice-league-trailer
    Image via Warner Bros.

    Jeremy Irons was certainly one of the highlights of last years BVS even though he had a limited screen time. This time around it seems like he has a lot of screen time(hopefully). He even teases Batman about the good old days when he just has to put away wild Penguins(a slight nod to the classic Batman villain Penguin). He along with The Flash is going to be one providing the comic relief in the movie and we just that he has sufficient screen time.

  13. Who’s that guy in the end

  14. jeremy-irons-alfred-in-justice-league-trailer-2
    Image via Warner Bros.

    Towards the end of the trailer, in a slight nod to the iconic scene from Jurassic Park, We see Alfred in a secluded spot waiting for someone when he sees ripples in his scotch. Then Alfred tells someone off-screen
    “He said you would come, now let’s hope it’s not too late”. Many are arguing that it might be a green lantern but I hope it’s Superman. Afterall Henry Cavill is a decent actor and I like him as Man Of Steel and his character needs a good script as well as a new take. Let’s just hope that Superman saves everyone just in time.

Let’s just hope that it’s not too late for DCEU too.

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