Ajay Devgn’s Top 10 Movies You Need To Watch on His Birthday

It’s April 2, which also happens to be the Birthday of India’s Angry gangster Ajay Devgn. Since starting his careers in action thrillers, Ajay Devgn has branched into various genres such as Mumbai Noir, Comedies, Thrillers, Love Stories, Drama but his real forte has been Gangster and Cop dramas. Nevertheless, Ajay has proven his mantle in all of his roles and he has been good even in his bad movies. So, we are bringing you Top 10 Ajay Devgn movies you need to watch on his birthday:

10. Drishyam:

A remake of the Malayalam movie Drishyam and loosely based on Japanese best seller The Devotion Of Suspect X, Drishyam follows Ajay Devgn as an everyday man who becomes embroiled in a murder investigation and goes to any length to protect his family. To be very frank, after watching the Malayalam version which starred Mohanlal, Ajay seems out of place, as he does not necessarily carries the quality of an everyday man and does not necessarily seems helpless as his character should look. But nevertheless, Ajay brings a lot of weight to the character in his own way and carries the movie on his shoulder as he clashes with the police.

9. Raajneeti:
Ajay Devgn has a great working relationship with most of his directors such as Rohit Shetty, Ram Gopal Verma, Rajkumar Santoshi, Harry Baweja, Milan Luthria but his most applauded and dramatic roles have come from Prakash Jha. Prakash Jha is known for making movies on issues faced by the society and he has given some of the best roles to Ajay. In Raajneeti, he is the antagonist and doesn’t have the same kind of strong character arc as that of Ranbeer Kapoor, but he still shines with whatever is given to him by the script. He makes you feel for him even an underwritten and underappreciated role.

8. Yuva:

Poster for the movie "Yuva"
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Yuva is one of the most underappreciated movies of the Hindi cinema. With its non-linear structure and three intervening stories, it offers something different which no other Indian movie has offered till date. Plus it gives one of the most genuine portrayals of student politics in the colleges. Ajay Devgn mostly underplays his character Michael which was based on the true-life character but still manages to come out on top in this Mani Ratnam thriller.

7. Apaharan:

Poster for the movie "Apaharan"
© 2005 − All right reserved.

Another Prakash Jha thriller based on the notorious kidnapping industry of Bihar of the 90’s. The heartbreaking transformation of Ajay Devgn’s ill fated character and the clash of ideology between him and his father played by Mohan Agashe was the highlight of the movie.

6. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai:

Poster for the movie "Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai"
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One of Ajay Devgn’s most well known which became famous for his impeccable dialogues such as “Bas Duaon Mein Yaad Rakhna” & “Patrick Shehar Saaf Chahiye”, audiences and critics went gaga over Ajay Devgn portrayal of Haji Mastan inspired character Sultan Mirza. His chemistry with Emraan Hashmi was also appreciated.

5. Omkara:

Poster for the movie "Omkara"
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While Saif Ali Khan took all the accolades which came the film’s way because of his role as Landa Tyagi, Omkara is basically Ajay Devgn’s movie. He certainly doesn’t have the strong role in the movie but he makes it up with his acting especially in the scene when he kills Kareena’s character.

4. Gangajal:

Poster for the movie "Gangaajal"
© 2003 − All right reserved.

Gangajal was the movie which started the socio-political movie saga of Prakash Jha & Ajay Devgn which has been going on for more than a decade now. Gangajal was based on the 1980’s Bhagalpur blindings. Ajay Devgn’s portrayal of an honest cop was highly appreciated at the time of its release.

3. Zakhm:
Based on the sensitive subject of Hindu-Muslim riots, Zakhm was widely praised when it was released way back in 1998. It also marked a huge departure for Ajay Devgn as before this film, he was mostly known for his action roles which didn’t offer much in terms of acting. Choosing the role proved a turning point in Ajay’s career as he went onto win his first National Film Award for the movie.

2. Company:
Ajay Devgn with his minimal expressions and movement became the benchmark on how to portray a gangster onscreen. His eyes which are his trademark are hidden behind his goggles for most of the movie and had minimum dialogues and still, he was able to inspire fear. His portrayal of India’s most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim was widely lauded by the critics and audiences alike.

1. The Legend of Bhagat Singh:

Poster for the movie "The Legend of Bhagat Singh"
© 2002 − All right reserved.

Ajay Devgn won his second National Film Award for Best Actor for The Legend of Bhagat Singh. That tells a lot about his performance in the movie which was released along with four other movies on the same subject on the same day. But the factor which made TLOBS stand out among rest of the movies was Ajay Devgn’s performance as Bhagat Singh. It was restrained yet powerful, which all the critics unanimously liked. We just hope that Ajay keeps giving us such thoughtful and meaningful movies.
Happy Birthday, Ajay.

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