Black Panther Honest Review : Sorry, Not So Great

Black Panther

As the anticipation for Black Panther reached sky high as soon as the reviews for the movie started pouring in, I started asking myself few questions. Is it really that good? Can it really challenge “The Dark Knight”(Duh! The Greatest Superhero movie ever made) in terms of universal acclaim? Am I going to be bowled over by the movie when it will end? The anticipation reached a new level when it started posting great numbers and by the end of the week posted the 5th biggest opening weekend collections of all time. I was apprehensive about the reviews as critics […]

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Oscars 2018 Early Predictions : Who Will Likely Win In Each Of The Primary Categories

This Tuesday, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled the nominations for the 90th Annual Oscar awards with few snubs such as the complete omission of critically and commercially acclaimed “Wonder Woman” as well as Steven Spielberg for “The Post” and James Franco for “The Disaster Artist”. But still, rest of the nominations were pretty much locked since October. The Oscars will take place in Los Angeles, California on March 4, 2018, and will be hosted again by Jimmy Kimmel. Now based on the early analysis and frontrunners among the awards circuit, here are our early predictions for […]

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Justice League And The Agony Of A True Batman Fan

My first introduction to superheroes was not to the Batman or Superman’s of the world. It was actually Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv and Doga brought to us by Raj Comics that I got acquainted with the idea of how a superhero looks like. They have superpowers, of course, and they occasionally team up with each other to save the world from bad guys. Whenever I used to travel with my parents on a train, I would pursue them to buy me one of those comics. And mind you, they might not be as popular now, but in the late 80’s […]

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20 Years Of Titanic : 20 Facts You Dont Know About The Iconic Movie


Its been 20 years since Titanic was released, guys. If you suddenly start feeling old, then you should. Most of us millennials were too young when the movie came out and wasn’t able to appreciate the movie for being one of the true cultural icons of its time or any other time, for that matter. Titanic was released on 18th November 1997 and it went on to become a true cultural milestone. Twitter and Facebook were not there that time but Titanic still managed to enter the living rooms of our household and made Leo and Kate superstars. So to […]

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Watch The Terrifying New Trailer Of Horror Movie IT

Image from the movie "It"

Warner Bros. just released the terrifying new trailer of the Horror movie It and it looks terrific. Those who don’t know about “It”, here are some interesting facts about the movie which will surely become the highest grossing horror movie ever. It is based on the best selling novel of the same name from the acclaimed writer Stephen King. Those who don’t know about Stephen King, don’t be depressed. We will give you a moment to feel bad about yourself. Stephen King is the writer of the acclaimed novels such as Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Stand By Me, The Dark […]

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7 Awesome Things We Learned From Justice League Trailer At Comic Con


Image via Warner Bros.   Warner Bros. yesterday unveiled the latest explosive sneak peek of the hugely awaited Justice League at Comic-Con and we can say that DCEU is going all out after the huge critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman. As a lifelong Batman fan ever since I saw The Dark Knight, this makes me really happy but also skeptical as I remember my hopes of getting decent movies from DC shattered one after another by Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.  But as Wonder Woman showed us last summer that All’s not lost and there’s still some home. So […]

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Hidden Gem Movies : Dead Man’s Shoes

Poster for the movie "Dead Man's Shoes"

There are movies which everybody has seen such as The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park or Avatar. These movies are technical and filmmaking accomplishments no doubt. But there are certain movies which might not have the luxury of the enormous budget but they do leave a huge impact on you long after you have seen them. I have created this section with the sole purpose of introducing these movies to audiences unfamiliar with them so that more and more people get to see them who like these kinds of movies. One such movie I watched accidentally a few days ago was […]

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New Poster Released For Justice League

"Justice League"

Director Zack Snyder today took to Twitter and unveiled a brand new poster for the hotly anticipated movie Justice League in which members of the team namely Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Women (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller) & Cyborg (Ray Fisher) all standing united. Absent again from the poster is Men Of Steel (Henry Cavill) himself. On the other hand, Snyder revealed a photo of Henry Cavill wearing Christopher Reeves iconic Superman costume. Check out the poster below:  

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