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Poster for the movie "Dead Man's Shoes"

There are movies which everybody has seen such as The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park or Avatar. These movies are technical and filmmaking accomplishments no doubt. But there are certain movies which might not have the luxury of the enormous budget but they do leave a huge impact on you long after you have seen them. I have created this section with the sole purpose of introducing these movies to audiences unfamiliar with them so that more and more people get to see them who like these kinds of movies.

One such movie I watched accidentally a few days ago was Dead Man’s Shoes. Richard(Paddy Considine) arrives in his home town along with his mentally challenged brother Anthony(Toby Kebbell)after serving in the army amid the sepia colored flashbacks shown with “Vessel in Vain” playing in the background. The two settle in a deserted home outside the city. Through a series of events and flashbacks, we are shown that the Anthony was physically abused by a group of drug peddlers and Richard is in the town to exact revenge.

Initially, one might think that Richard can possibly do to harm a group of drug peddlers who possibly have guns and are more powerful but it is soon established that he is not afraid of anyone and possibly it’s the villains here who should be afraid. Not everyone is equally responsible for the abuse taken by Anthony but Richard wants to make sure that everyone pays the debt. The events ultimately lead the heartbreaking ending which might lead you to the consequences of Richard actions. The story and the turn of events might not seem coherent but the acting, revenge, direction and the ending make it a top notch revenge movie in the same league as that of Get Carter, Straw Dogs or Blue Ruin recently.

Acting is top-notch here especially by Paddy Considine as Toby Kebbell. I was surprised that I have seen so less of Paddy Considine and only role I remember him being in was The Bourne Ultimatum (2007). You can feel anger in his eyes and voice when he directly confronts the goons and shows no signs of fear. He openly tells the head of the group, Sonny(Gary Stretch) to “Get in the car and fuck off”, probably one of the greatest threats of all time. The scene gives me goosebumps whenever I watch it.
Toby Kebbell gives a knockout performance in his breakthrough role which might draw parallels with the Oscar nominated performance by Leonardo Di Caprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Toby Kebbell has built a steady career since then and have starred in number of popular movies such as Ben-Hur and recently released War for the Planet of the Apes (2017).
If you are looking for a movie which offers more than a typical revenge thriller, then Dead Man’s Shoes is that movie. Do check it out.

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