List Of 75 Bollywood Movies You Didn’t Knew Were Copied From Other Movies

Movie making is not an easy job. You have to come up with a story, then write a screenplay, bring the right actors for the part and so on. So what is the easiest way to make a movie? Simple! Copy the story from another movie from Hollywood or may be from another country. And that’s the route our Hindi filmmakers choose while making a movie. And some of them are pioneers of doing that such as Sanjay Gupta, Mohit Suri and so on.
So we decided to bring forth a definite list of movies that were copied from movies from other film industries and prepared to be surprised as some of these might be your favorite movies.

1) A Few Good Men(1992) vs Shaurya(2008):


Another Hollywood movie featuring Jack “crazy” Nicholson, but this time they actually chose someone to portray him who could well be called as India’s Jack Nicholson, Kay Kay Menon. It’s not an easy feat to replicate an iconic scene with your touch but Kay Kay Menon somehow pulls it off by enacting Nicholson’s famous “You can’t handle the truth” monologue. Otherwise, Shaurya is a simple replica of Few Good Men which was based on legendary screenwriter Aron Sorkin’s play. And one more thing: Rahul Bose replaces Tom Cruise.

For the uninitiated here’s Jack Nicholson’s iconic monolog from Few Good Men along with Kay Kay Menon’s monologue in Shaurya:

2) Oldboy(2003) vs Zinda(2006):

Oldboy Zinda

Legend has it that Sanjay Gupta wanted to make a faithful(ahem) adaptation of the Korean classic. So during the shoot of Zinda, he used to play Oldboy on DVD and then direct the movie. Hell when I watched Zinda for the first time, I thought it was groundbreaking until I saw Oldboy, and it was nothing compared to the Korean version. Believe me, if you want to see something truly groundbreaking and also a lover of twist endings, you should go and watch Oldboy, like, right now!

2) I Saw The Devil(2010) vs Ek Villain(2014)-

I Saw The Devil Ek Villain

A psychopath serial killer is on the loose who targets young women’s and ultimately kills heroes girlfriend. The hero finds the killer but swears to take revenge by slowly killing him. Sounds similar, yup a blatant rip off of I saw the devil. And that’s starring Choi Min-sik again.

4) Out of Time(2003) vs. Zeher(2005):

Husband(Police Chief) and Wife are happily married until another woman walks into their life. The other women get killed and now the husband finds himself in deep trouble. This is the plot of Out of Time which is highly similar in story and execution to the film which gave us hits like Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein and Agar Tum Mil Jao.

5) Silence Of The Lambs(1991) vs Sangharsh(1999):

sangharsh silence of the lambs

A young CBI officer tries to nab a serial child killer with the help of another, legendary criminal. The silence of the lambs is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, in fact, it is one of the few rare movies which won all the top honors at the 1992 Oscars, including best picture, best director, best actor, actress and screenplay. Hence 8 years later, one the most promising upcoming directors of the 90’s, Tanuja Chandra adapted it and changed it a little bit, since in SOTL both Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill were equally menacing. While in Sangharsh Ashutosh Rana was more of scary guy and Akshay Kumar’s character was more sympathetic. But in the end, it was Ashutosh Rana’s show all over. He was so terrifying that his niece stopped talking to her for some time. And this scene must be the terrifying scenes of all time.

6) John Tucker Must Die(2006) vs Ladies vs Ricky Bahl(2011):

john_tucker_must_die_ladies vs ricky bahl

A trio of girls unite together and recruit a girl to take revenge from the guy who cheats them. Sounds similar, this is the plot of Hollywood movie John Tucker Must Die which was then made into Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. Parineeti Chopra’s debut movie did average business at the box office.

7) I Am Sam(2001) vs Main Aisa Hi Hoon(2005):


A mentally ill man fights for custody of his 7-year-old daughter, and in the process teaches his lawyer the value of love and family. This is the plot of both I Am Sam and Main Aisa Hi Hoon. While IAS starred Sean Penn who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance, Ajay Devgn starred in the Hindi version and nobody actually bothered to see the film.

8) On The Waterfront(1954) vs Ghulam(1998):


A young boxer stands up against local gangster who murders an innocent youth. The 1998 movie which gave us the song “Aati Kya Khandala” was actually inspired by the Oscar-winning movie On the Waterfront which starred the real Godfather Marlon Brando himself. The movie has the iconic “I could’ve been a contender scene” which will surely make you emotional.

9) Rain Man(1988) vs Yuvvraaj(2008):


Similar to Rain Man, Yuvraj involved a guy who discovers that his father has left an insane amount of money to his estranged brother, and now he tries to scam the brother out of his money. Similar to Rain Man, Yuvraj had one of the best soundtracks. Composed by legendary composers, A.R Rehman in our case and Hans Zimmer in their case. And the time between the two movies: 20 years. One big difference though, Rain Man was universally loved and a big hit, Yuvvraaj was critically and commercially panned.

10) Changing Lanes(2002) vs Taxi No: 9211(2006):

Changing Lanes Taxi No 9211

A taxi ride introduces two hot-tempered personalities to each other. But they affect each other’s lives and teaches each other an important lesson is the storyline of both the movies. Actually, the casting for the Bollywood is so much similar to the Hollywood version that you can’t help but appreciate the casting director. Sam Jackson is basically Nana Patekar of Hollywood and Ben Affleck’s personal life has been covered by the media especially when he used to date Jennifer Lopez similar to John Abraham’s dating time with Bipasha Basu.

11) Sleeping with the Enemy(1991) vs Daraar(1996), Yarana(1995) and Agni Sakshi(1996):

Sleeping with the enemy_daraar_yaarana_agni

I don’t know how but a topic can be so loved by Indian filmmakers, so much so that these “inspired” films came in back to back years and two of them featured the same actor. The films tell the story of a woman who escapes from an abusive husband to fall in love with another man but the husband finds her and mayhem ensues. Out of the four movies, only Agni Sakshi was a hit thanks to Nana Patekar’s(Legend) amazing portrayal of the husband for which he went on to win National film award for best-supporting actor.

12) Eden Lake(2008) vs NH 10(2015):


Anushka Sharma received rave reviews for NH10 for her brave portrayal of the women hell bent on taking revenge and also producing it, but I, on the other hand, couldn’t get the fact out of my mind that it was a copy of the little-known indie movie Eden Lake, which actually is one of the most devastating movies you will ever see. Nevertheless, NH 10 was successful so it doesn’t matter.

13) Collateral(2004) vs The Killer(2006):


A hard earning taxi drivers life goes upside down when a mysterious hitman hires his taxi, that’s the plot of Collateral which has been used scene by scene for the Emraan Hashmi & Irrfan Khan starrer The Killer. Problem is that maybe you can copy the story of the movie but you cannot copy a director’s visual style, especially if that guy is Michael “fricking” Mann, Who’s known for creating atmospheric visual LA-based crime movies such as Heat, The Insider, and Collateral. Specially Heat and Collateral is known for night time shots of Los Angeles and high-speed car chases in the night, people working in suits for a crime. On top of that, Tom Cruise as a manipulative hitman who has never looked so sexy especially with gray hair and beard. It has resulted in a countless character study of the character. Result? The Killer was a flop.

14) E.T(1982) vs Koi… Mil Gaya(2003):


E.T is one of the most loved in the US, so much so that it was the highest grossing movie in US up until another Spielberg movie Jurassic Park(1993) overtook it. It is still remembered as one of the best kids movie and one of the defining movies of 80’s as well as Steven Spielberg’s illustrious career which includes masterpieces like Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan(1997), Schindler’s List(1993) among others. Hence when our own visionary filmmaker Rakesh Roshan decided to give his son a hit movie, who was struggling with flops after flops, he took E.T and molded it with the Indian touch. Since Hrithik’s performance is so great in the movie, we don’t have a problem.
But I will tell you one great fact, which you probably don’t know, E.T’s script had remarkable similarities with a 1960 movie The Alien which was eventually canceled. It was to be directed by the great Indian director Satyajit Ray and co-produced by Hollywood studio Columbia Pictures. The movie’s script was written by Ray, loosely based on Bankubabur Bandhu, a science fiction story he had written in 1962. The project never took off and Ray came back to India. You can find full info here.

15)My Best Friend’s Wedding(1997) vs Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai(2002):


Somehow, I feel that it’s easier to adapt romantic comedies as you just have to lift the story and the budget is also low. Hence one more on our list. When a girl finds out that her best friend is getting married, whom she secretly loves, she plans on sabotaging the wedding and confessing her true feelings to him. The main difference, Julia Roberts is replaced with Uday Chopra and unlike the original, more practical ending, in Mere Yaar ki Shaadi hai the girl suddenly finds out that she has feelings for her best friend. What a great time to realize that……you own wedding! Wow!

16) Leon: The Professional(1994) vs Bichhoo(2000):


Leon is one of my favorite movies, especially for the 3 of the lead performances from Jean Reno, Natalie Portman, possibly one of the greatest actors of all time, Gary “fricking” Oldman, hence when you replace these actors with Bobby Deol, Rani Mukherjee and Ashish Vidyarthi(Actually great actor in his own right), the results tend to be mixed. That’s why Bichhoo flopped when it opened back in 2000 despite a well-received soundtrack. Actually changing a 12-year-old character and introducing unnecessary romantic angle does not create the kind of emotion which the actual film evoked. Also, you don’t have Gary Oldman’s natural outburst of iconic “Everyone” scene.

17) The Miracle Worker(1962) vs Black(2005):


Black almost got universal praise from critics when it was released back in 2005. Even I was so touched by the direction, acting and overall colorless setting of the movie. I thought here is the filmmaker who thinks out of the box, only to discover later on that it was adapted from a ‘62 masterpiece Miracle Worker which was actually based on the life of Helen Keller and her brilliant teacher Anne Sullivan. So much for the originality!

18) Memento(2000) vs Ghajini(2008):


Memento is one of the biggest mind benders of all time and also is the best debut movie for any director. All hail Chris Nola. After watching the movie, I wasn’t sure who was the killer and who the protagonist was looking for. Even after watching it 3-4 times, I am pretty sure you won’t be able to decipher that who the actual killer is. It’s backward forward structure doesn’t help either. So our own filmmakers give it an Indian touch and keep it linear as well as simple good guy-bad guy plot embedded with a romance. What makes it good though is earnest performances from Amir and Asin. But that does not take away the fact that the basic plot was taken from an All-time Classic.

19) God Tussi Great Ho(2008) vs Bruce Almighty(2003):

Bruce-Almighty-God Tussi-Great_ho

When you replace one of the best comedians in Hollywood with an actor who is now usually known for comedy and is actually not very good at it, the result is always going to be a failure. And Bruce Almighty is not even Jim Carrey’s best movie. It has a mediocre plot which is somehow made funny by Jim Carrey’s over the top antics.

20) Baazigar(1993) vs A Kiss Before Dying(1991):


A handsome young man is hell bent on taking revenge from a rich businessman by making his daughters fall in love with him. But Baazigar was also the movie which introduced everyone to very rarely seen actor Shahrukh Khan so we will forgive the directors for doing this.

21) Twin Dragons(1993) vs Judwaa(1997):


This action comedy tells the tale of twins separated at birth who meets in the adulthood and number of mishaps happens as they both are mistaken for each other. Both the movies were considerable hit and eventually, a remake is now on the way with Varun Dhawan in the lead role to be directed by none other than Mr. David Dhawan.


22) Waking Ned Devine(1998) vs Malamaal Weekly(2006):

Waking Ned Devine-Malamaal

Priyadarshan has a knack for making remakes of his own Malayalam movies in Hindi but this time he chose an English movie to remake in Hindi and the results were actually good. Critics hated Malamaal Weekly but due to its rural setting and relatable characters, Malamaal Weekly was a hit among the audience.

23) Italian Job(2003) vs Players(2012):

Italian Job-Players

The 2003 Italian Job was itself a remake of the 1969 movie of the same name starring Sir Michael Caine, but to remake it in Hindi with without putting any new ideas and thoughts was always going to be a tough sell. Also, a lot of the current generation movie audience have already seen the Hollywood version, so in the end, the Hindi version flopped really badly and none of the parties involved got anything out of it.

24) Nine Queens(2000) vs Bluffmaster(2005):


Another movie starring Abhishek Bachchan taken directly from a movie considered classic. Argentine cinema has the habit of churning out classics from time to time such as The Secret in their Eyes(2009) and Nine Queens is no exception.  But a good thing about Bluffmaster is that it had a terrific music as well as background score which was a kind of ode to the classics of the 70’s films. Also, it had amazing Nana Patekar and adorable Ritesh Deshmukh who never manage to bore you. Bluffmaster was a semi-hit.

25) Rocky Handsome(2016) vs The Man from Nowhere(2010):



A man goes on a murderous rampage after the abduction of an 8-year-old girl by drug mafia. This is the plot of the Korean movie which inspired last year’s dud Rocky Handsome. While the Korean movie has the perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes(which is nearly impossible to achieve), Rocky handsome has a meager 48% which shows the quality of both the movie.

26) My Wife Is a Gangster 3(2006) vs Singh is Bliing(2015):


When you are remaking a part 3 of a movie, it shows that humanity has left the earth. But since Prabhudeva is involved, who is known for copying movies from his fellow filmmakers from Tamil and Telugu film industries, adopting a Korean movie is actually an upgrade. Nevertheless, Singh is Bling was a box-office success despite getting negative reviews from critics.

27) Cellular(2004) vs Speed(2007):


A young guy receives a call from a woman who says she is been kidnapped and is going to be killed soon. She does not know where she is and it’s up to the guy to save her. Replacing Captain America himself in the abysmal adaptation, Zayed Khan stars as the guy who has to save the woman(Urmila Matondkar replacing oh-so-hot Kim Basinger). No doubt, Speed was a big flop.

28) Phonebooth(2004) vs Knock Out(2010):


A Man is held hostage inside a phone booth by a Shooter who threatens to kill him if he hangs up the phone. Phonebooth is one of the most original thriller, powered by Collin Ferrell’s tense performance, which keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end, even though it mostly happens around a phone booth. But then Bollywood will find you and copy your movie and then will kill your whole idea with its stupidity. Starring otherwise great Irrfan khan in a forgettable thriller, Knock Out was a huge flop.

29) A Bittersweet Life(2005) vs Awarapan (2007):


Awarapan was the movie which made me fall in love with Emraan Hashmi. Before this movie, Emraan mostly used to play one-dimensional roles of a guy with zero responsibility who has a knack for kissing his heroines. But this movie changed the perception of moviegoers towards Emraan and it actually made him a bonafide actor. Also possessing one of the best soundtracks ever for a Hindi movie, with chartbusters such as “Toh Fir Aao” and “Tera Mera Rishta” featuring mostly Pakistani singers, the movie was always going to be hit, which it eventually did. But later on, when I discovered that it is a remake of a classic Korean movie, it broke my heart a little bit as I thought it was original. But just because of Emraan Hashmi and movie’s evergreen soundtrack, we will give this one a pass.

30)When Harry Met Sally(1989) vs Hum Tum(2004):


When Harry met Sally is one of Hollywood’s favorite film’s featuring two of the cutest leading pairs and iconic scenes such as the “Restaurant Scene”, it had left a lasting legacy on romantic comedies in general and inspired countless movies over the years. Hence it was inevitable that Bollywood will leave one of the most iconic movies ever. So they made “Hum Tum” which itself became a huge hit thanks to the chemistry of its leading pair and hit soundtrack by Jatin-Lalit in their last collaboration.

31) Philadelphia(1993) vs Phir Milenge (2004):


Since both the movies deals with a sensitive subject and actually highlights an important issue, so we don’t mind if Phir Milenge is a copy of a much acclaimed Hollywood movie. The only difference is that considering the Indian “sensibilities”, the protagonist of the movie was changed from a Male Gay Lawyer to Female Ad Executive.

32) Baadshah(1999) vs Various Movies:


Badshah is one of those movies where every other scene you see, you feel a sense of Deja Vu, “arre ye scene toh us movie mein dekha tha”. It is as if the makers wanted to make a movie, they went to a DVD store, asked for few typical popcorn comedy action thriller from the store owner, watched the movies, picked out various scenes, got SRK on board and managed to get a decent hit. What works in Badshah’s favor is SRK’s charm and his comic timing. He is goofy and hilarious, which is why the movie manages to tickle your funny bone.

33) Chori Chori Chupke Chupke(2001) vs Pretty Women(1990):


Chori Chori Chupke Chupke is not entirely copied from Pretty Women but the initial scenes featuring Pretty Zinta and Salman Khan are taken directly from the Hollywood movie and why not, Pretty Women is one of Hollywood’s most loved and iconic romantic films, so it was inevitable that someday, somebody from Bollywood will copy it.

34)The Hand That Rocks the Cradle(1992) vs Khal-Naaikaa(1993):


A happily married couple hires a nanny who soon proves to be highly efficient. But a series of unfortunate leads them to find her true intentions. Anu Agarwal starred as the governess in the remake of the hit Hollywood movie in one of her few starring roles after Ashiqui(1990). You can find amazing similarity in the poster above too.

34) Chinatown(1974) vs Manorama Six Feet Under(2007):


A Detective finds himself caught in the web of lies, deceit, and murder when a woman comes to him with a new assignment. Chinatown(1974) was a highly regarded neo-noir mystery thrillers with Jack “crazy” Nicholson as the lead detective, hence it was difficult to follow in the footsteps of such a massive critical hit. Nevertheless, Manorama was part of the Abhay Deol’s string of critically acclaimed films which made him an unconventional but dependable leading man.

35) The Exorcist(1973) vs 1920(2008):

Exorcist 1920

While not a direct rip-off, the uncanny similarities between the movies featuring the ghost are enough to say that 1920 was a direct copy of the exorcist. The face turning scene, the backward walk, the makeup and the hanuman Chalisa part was taken directly from the 1973 oscar winning horror movie.

36) Akele Hum Akele Tum(1995) vs Kramer vs. Kramer(1979):

Kramer-Akela Hum Akele Tum

Kramer vs. Kramer is remembered for amazing performances from its lead pair Meryl Streep and especially Dustin Hoffman. While Kramer vs. Kramer concentrated mostly on Hoffman’s father who starts to develop a special bond when his wife(Streep) leaves him, AHAT modified the plot a little bit and added an extra story for Manisha Koirala’s character too. However, both of the movies are great in their own right so we are not complaining.

37) Jism(2003) vs Body Heat(1981):

Jism-Body Heat

A lawyer falls in love with the wife of a wealthy businessman and they have an affair. She convinces him to murder her husband and alter his will so that she inherits all his property. But complications arises and the lawyer finds himself in the trouble. This the premise of the both the movies which essentially turned Kathleen Turner and Bipasha Basu into sex symbols of their respective film industries.

38) Reservoir Dogs(1992) vs Kaante (2002):


Reservoir Dogs launched Quentin Tarantino’s career, not to mention, it started the trend of low-budgeted indie gems in Hollywood which Tarantino followed up with Masterpiece Pulp Fiction.He also influenced countless filmmakers worldwide part of which are our very own Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Bhardwaj. What he may have never really wanted to see is seeing a replica of his movie. Enter serial copier, Mr. Sanjay Gupta who has a knack for copying movies from all the film industries. Kaante was a highly anticipated movie of its time with guy songs like “Ciggarette ke Dhuen”, “Chod na Chodna” topping the charts. But when it opened, people felt a little underwhelmed with the finished product myself included. Years later when I saw Reservoir Dogs, I was blown away by it. So what was the difference between the two movies? See, you can only copy the story of the movie, but what you cannot copy is the distinctive style of a filmmaker. Hence a flop product.


39) Paap(2004) vs The Witness(1995):


A young boy witness a murder and a police officer vows to protect it. As usual with Vishesh Films, the soundtrack of Paap was a huge hit and also marked the debut of noted singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Bollywood with ear soothing track “Mann Ki Lagan”, the movie was a flop. Nevertheless similar to the Hollywood movie, Paap was praised for its cinematography.

40) Bunty Aur Babli(2005) vs Bonnie & Clyde(1967):


Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway the infamous duo of this year’s oscar fiasco starred as the titular Bonnie and Clyde 50 years ago and had a lot of dark elements into it. The Indian version toned down the dark elements a little bit and upped the fun part of the movie. Result? Bunty aur Bubbly was one of the highest grosser of 2005 and spawned a number of copycat crimes at that time. And Aishwarya in “Kajra Re”….Ohh my gawwdddd!!!!1

41) Aitraaz (2004) vs Disclosure(1994):


Aitraaz was one of the best thrillers that came out in 2004 and even gave stiff competition to other movies in one of the biggest box-office showdowns in Bollywood’s history between Aitraaz, Veer-Zara and Mughle Azam(Colored version). But as is the case with most of the Abbas-Mustan movies, it was taken from the Demi Moore-Michael Douglas starrer Disclosure. So much for originality.

42) Chocolate(2005) vs The Usual Suspects(1995):

Usual Suspects - Chocolate

Usual Suspects was one of the most original movies when it was released in 1995. It featured one of the best plot twist ever and launched the career of Bryan Singer who went on to direct X-Men movies and ushered into the modern era of comic book movies as we know it. Hence to take someone else’s creativity and to simply copy paste it should be considered as crime and the makers of Chocolate must be given severe punishment under the Indian penal code(just kidding….or maybe not)

43) Aetbaar(2004) vs Fear(1996):


Nobody cares about any of the movies.

44) Murder (2004) vs Unfaithful(2002):


Murder launched the careers of 3 of its leads, well technically 2 of the leads as you can’t really call Ashmit Patel’s career a “Career”. But Mallika Sherawat was all over Bollywood after back to back hot performances in Khwaahish and Murder. And Emraan Hashmi was the new bad boy of Bollywood which eventually gave him a tag of “Serial Kisser” even though in real life he actually is a gentleman. But as is the case with a lot of Anurag Basu’s movies, it was actually taken from 2002 movie starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere, Unfaithful.


45) Kucch To Hai(2003) vs I Know What You Did Last Summer(1997):

I_Know_What_You_Did_Last_Summer-Kuchh Toh Hai

Kucch Toh Hai was another forgettable attempt by Ekta Kapoor to establish Tusshar Kapoor as the leading men of the movies by copying a typical Hollywood slasher movie, but sadly audience were found murmuring after the movie: “Kucch toh tha, pata nhi kya”.

46) Qayamat(2003) vs The Rock(1996):

The Rock - Qayamat

Exchanging Nicholas Cage for Ajay Devgn, Wow! Well, making a remake of a mediocre movie is not a bad idea as you can only try to improve on the original idea. And may be what Martin Scorses did with The Departed when he took the Hong Kong movie Internal Affairs, Bollywood can do that too. But maybe that day is far away in the future. Qayamat was another mediocre copy of a mediocre film.

47) Deewangee(2002) vs Primal Fear(1997):

The Rock - Qayamat

The first time I watched Deewangi, I was blown away. I never thought Bollywood can come up with an original idea such as split personality. And Ajay Devgn was phenomenal in the movie. Then I saw Primal Fear and I was again blown away by the sheer lack of originality in Bollywood and courage to copy someone’s idea so blatantly. Primal Fear have one of the best plot twist and one of the best acting by Edward Norton starring in his only second movie where he completely outshines Sir Richard Gere. Shame on you, Bollywood!

48) Ek Ajnabee(2005) vs Man On Fire (2004):


An ex-army officer is assigned the task of protecting a young girl. Initially hesitant to form a bond with the girl, when the girl gets kidnapped, he decides to use all his skills to rescue her. Unlike its Hollywood counterpart, Ek Ajnabee was only an average grosser.

49) Naksha (2006) vs The Rundown(2003):


Action/Adventure/Archaeological movies have been hit in Hollywood starting all the way from the Iconic Indiana Jones to the National Treasure movies but somehow they never really worked for Bollywood. Kaal was a flop and so was Naksha. While Rundown was a Hit in a long list of hit movies starring the Rock himself Naksha was a super flop with critics and audiences alike.

50) Naina(2005) vs The Eye(2002):

The Eye - Naina

After undergoing a cornea transplantation surgery to regain her eyesight a girl starts seeing terrifying visions of the alternate paranormal world. Taken from a Hong-Kong based movie, results were obviously mediocre with the film failing to generate any kind of interest. Later on, Hollywood also tried to copy the same idea with Hot Jessica Alba in the starring role but failed miserably.

51) Kyun Ki(2005) vs One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest(1975):


When you are adapting a true classic, at least hire actors who can justify their casting and fit the role. Swapping someone like Jack Nicholson who is one of the only two male actors who has won 3 Oscars with Salman khan who is never known for his acting abilities is not a good thing. While OFOTCN(it’s a long name..sorry) raises serious issues, Kyun Ki keeps it simple and turns the whole story into a Love story which is always the case with Bollywood. Results were below par with the movie not generating any interest among the moviegoers, despite a hit soundtrack.

52) She’s the Man(2006) vs Dil Bole Hadippa(2009):


A cricket crazy girl wants to enter the men’s cricket team. She disguises herself as a guy but she falls in love with the team’s cricket coach. While the Hollywood version was a decent hit, the Bollywood version failed miserably with audiences and critics alike.

53) Ugly Aur Pagli (2008) vs My Sassy Girl (2001):


My Sassy Girl was the breakout hit from South Korea where it was the highest grossing comedy film of all time so much so that when released in South East Asia, it became a sensation and drew comparisons with Titanic. Later on, it spawned various remakes in Japanese, Hollywood, Chinese and you guessed it, Bollywood. But the Bollywood version, Ugly Aur Pagli was nowhere near the universal acclaim of My Sassy Girl and failed badly to impress critics as well as moviegoers.

54) Partner (2007) vs Hitch (2005):


A love guru helps a mild-mannered guy in wooing a woman falling in love with a single mother at the same time. But all hell breaks loose when his profession is revealed. David Dhawan, Salman Khan & Govinda has given us countless comedy movies most of which were copied from Hollywood hits. In this case, too, Partner was copied from Will Smith starrer Hitch which was a big hit 2005 and Partner too proved to be a big hit with a hit soundtrack. All parties were happy.

55) Love Actually(2003) vs Salaam-e-Ishq(2007):


Various couples try to deal with their relationships in different ways. While Love Actually was not a typical romantic movie but at what was best about it was it was about all kind of love that exist between two people. It’s about a Father trying to bond with his stepson as well as about an aging rock star rekindling his relationship with his Manager as much as it is about two couples. It’s different and that’s why it works. So just copying the idea would’ve never worked since the essence and heart are not there. Result? One is considered a “Masterpiece” and cult favorite other one is remembered as “Disaster”.

56) Kyo Kii… Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta (2001) vs Liar Liar(1997):

Liar Liar - Kyon Kii

A successful lawyer’s life takes a u-turn when his son wishes for him to not lie for a day and his wish comes true. If there’s one guy who could’ve pulled off Jim Carrey’s role it was Govinda. It’s not an easy job following up on Jim Carrey’s footsteps but somehow Govinda is able to pull it off. While Liar Liar was a success but Kyon Kii was only a moderate success at the box office.

57) Awara Paagal Deewana(2002) vs The Whole Nine Yards(2002):

whole nine yards awara pagal deewana

A dentist starts facing difficulties when a notorious criminal move into his neighborhood. While the original was a decent movie and moderate success, Awara Pagal Deewana not just copied the story but used several other movies such as Matrix and Mission Impossible 2 as an “inspiration” for its fight sequences and became a major hit when it was released back in ’02.

58) Dushman(1998) vs Eye for an Eye(1996):


A woman is hell bent on taking revenge from a guy who killed her sister/daughter. If not for Ashutosh Rana and Kajol’s great performances, I would’ve been tearing this movie apart(just look at the poster, guys) but Ashutosh Rana was just phenomenal in the late 90’s and Kajol was on a roll too after giving back to back hits with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha and Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya in 1998. Dushman became a huge hit and established Kajol as the leading heroine and Ashutosh Rana as the lead villain of Bollywood.

59) Criminal(1995) vs The Fugitive(1993):


A successful doctor is accused of murdering his wife and goes on a quest to prove his innocence. The Fugitive was a major critical and commercial success in ’93, getting nominated for 7 Oscars and winning 1 and also was the 3rd highest grossing movie of 1993. So our own filmmakers thought why not remake it in Hindi. It was one of the first Telugu-Hindi bilingual film with Mahesh Bhatt at the helm. But the movie didn’t work and flopped badly at the box office.

60) Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin(1991) vs It Happened One Night(1937):


A spoiled heiress runs aways from her family and meets a struggling reporter in need of a breakout story. Sounds familiar. That was the plot of 1937 movie It Happened One Night which was the “inspiration” for ’91 movie DHKMN starring Amir Khan and Pooja Bhatt. With heartbreaking songs perfect for friend zoned guys such as “Tu Pyar hai kisi aur ka” and “Mainu Ishq Da Lagiya Rog”, the movie was a big hit with audiences and critics alike.

61) Chor Machaye Shor(1997) vs Blue Streak(1999):


A thief tries to recover his diamond from the police headquarters pretending to be a cop but a colleague gets suspicious. While the Hollywood movie was a worldwide hit and got mixed reviews from the critics, Bollywood version was universally panned and struggled to get water at the ticket window.

62) Mohabbatein(2000) vs Dead Poets Society(1989):


As is the case with almost all of the Bollywood movies,  Aditya Chopra inserted unnecessary romantic angle in the story whereas in the original movie a teacher inspires his students through his poetry and the message was to break free from the traditional norms. Result was while Dead Poets Society is remembered even after 28 years of his release, nobody really remembers Mohabbatein for its content.

63) Godfather(1972) vs Sarkar(2005):


One good thing about this remake was that it was an official remake of the iconic movie with Ram Gopal Verma giving full credit to Godfather and acknowledging in interviews that it is a remake rather than other movies on this list who never acknowledged the source of “inspiration”. Result? Sarkar was a critical and commercial success similar to its Hollywood predecessor, which was no small feat considering the size of shoes it was trying to fill.

64) Jazba(2015) vs Seven Days(2007):



The story follows a lawyer who is forced to win a tough case in order to get her kidnapped daughter back. Again a direct remake of a great Korean thriller from the serial-Korean-copier Sanjay Gupta(what were you expecting, an oscar winning screenplay), Jazbaa was supposed to be Aishwarya Rai’s comeback vehicle which did moderate business at the box office.

65) Scarface(1983) vs Agneepath(1983):


Now here is a rare example of the remake being considered as good and great as the original. The major reason behind that is apart from the basic plot both the movies are handled in different ways and the characters are modeled differently. Amitabh Bachchan’s mixed Pacino’s unpredictability with real life gangster Varadarajan Mudaliar’s mannerisms. Even having so many reasons going in its favor, Agnipath bombed at the Box Office badly and only became a cult favorite later on similar to its Hollywood counterpart which was got mixed reviews from its critics upon release but later on heralded as Masterpiece.

66) Raaz(2002) vs What Lies Beneath(2000):

What Lies Beneath Raaz

A well to do couple starts experiencing strange happening around them which will lead them to the secrets from their past. In first of it sorts, Raaz received overwhelmingly positive reviews and was a blockbuster at the box office in some part because of its superhit music. On the other hand What Lies Beneath was a glowing success at the box office but got mixed reviews from the critics.

67) 48 Hours(1982) vs Andar Bahar(1984):


48 Hours was the movie which started the trend of buddy cop movies starring Nick Nolte and the gave the world first genuine black superstar Eddie Murphy, it also inspired movies such as Rush Hour, Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop. So it was quite obvious that Bollywood is gooing to adopt it in Hindi. Andar Bahar actually gave us our very own Bromance with Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff who went on to star together in movies such as Parinda, Ram Lakhan, and Trimurti. Both the movies were successful at the Box Office too.

68) Always(2011) vs Do Lafzon Ki Kahani(2016):


The story revolves around the love story of a boxer who has given up on life and a girl who never loses hope despite going slowly blind. Always was super hit with critics and audiences whereas DLKK was critically and commercially panned.

69) Shortkut – The Con Is On(2009) vs Bowfinger(1999):


A struggling director decides to film his movie around a movie star without him knowing it. While Bowfinger was a critical and commercial success, Shortcut…not so much!

70) Knight and Day(2010) vs Bang Bang!(2014):


While Bang Bang was an official remake of the Tom Cruise – Cameron Diaz starrer Knight and Day brought to us by the same studio, I decided to include it into this list because of the sheer lack of originality in the story. Remaking a movie is a different thing, doing it scene to scene same without adding your personal touch it other. Since Bang Bang was a huge success at the ticket window, no one really cared.

71) Te3n(2016) vs Montage(2013):


Last years Te3n was the official remake of the South Korean thriller Montage which got glowing reviews upon release in its native country. Te3n too got good reviews but couldn’t generate any excitement at the Box Office.

72) Beverly Hills Cop(1984) vs Jalwa(1987):


Beverly Hills Cop is one of my favorite movies and not just me, it is well loved all over the world. This was the movie which truly made Eddie Murphy into a bonafide movie star, who was just phenomenal in the movie. So when you see, Jalwa, you are bound to see BHC written all over it, but one good thing about it is, how BHC gives you a feel of 80’s Beverly Hills, Jalwa gives you the feel of 80’s Goa, and it also gave introduced Remo Fernandes to the Non-Goan audience. The music of the movie was way ahead of its time because of this. Nevertheless, both the movies are enjoyable.

73) Murder 2(2011) vs The Chaser(2008):


While Chaser was inspired by real life serial killer, Murder 2 was inspired by the Chaser with a minor difference being the presence of the romantic angle. Murder 2 was successful at the Box Office because of a hit soundtrack and amazing chemistry of Jacqueline and Emraan.

74) F.A.L.T.U(2011) vs Accepted(2006):


Four friends create a fake university when they fail to get admission in the college. While the soundtrack of FALTU was a big hit, it only managed to be a moderately successful movie at the Box Office.

75) Life in a Metro(2007) vs The Apartment(1960) vs Brief Encounter(1945):

Life in a Metro is one of my favorite films just because Anurag Basu was able to pull off a multi-storyline movie in Bollywood which is extremely difficult since we have seen movie bombing such as Salaam-E-Ishq above. But Metro was successful at the Box Office because of great star cast, good story, and soulful music. But later on, when I saw The Apartment and Brief Encounter, I came to know that the story involving Sharman Joshi and Shilpa Shetty was taken from these classic movies. Still, Metro is a classic in its own right.


Finally, we have reached the conclusion of this list and there are lot more movies which Bollywood have copied from Hollywood that it might take a whole lifetime for me to complete the Article. Anyways, Leave your comments below.

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