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IndiPop 90's

90’s was the best decade ever, period! There I said it. It was the time of India’s globalization and with newly introduced economic reforms India was learning to adjust to the thinking of the west. India achieved so much in the 90’s which laid the foundation of the growing India we see now. New economic  policies were introduced in 1991, we won the Kargil war, we won back to back Miss India and Miss Universe crowns in the same year i.e ’94, Pokhran test was conducted in ’98, we got two of the most beloved movies of all time in the form of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, we got the greatest comedy movie in the form of Andaaz Apna Apna, we had amazing memories of our collector’s addition from our childhood from water bottles to big fun cards. And the music, wow! I am not talking about the typical Bollywood film music which comprised of the trashy songs like “Baarah Aana De” and “Sarkai lo khatiya” but the new wave of Indi-Pop music which took over the India music industry by a storm for over a decade and suddenly it disappeared. Singers like Shaan and Sonu Nigam who were at the forefront of this new wave thought that singing in Bollywood movies might be good for them and the music companies thought that the music in Bollywood movies fetches them higher returns. Also with a new wave of mobile phones, releasing albums became irrelevant as people started downloading them from various sites. The quality and writing of 90’s and early 2000’s Indipop songs were so good that you can still enjoy them wherever you want and maybe 10-20 years from now they might still find a place in your playlist. Even though there are a number of articles on various sites with a list of 90’s songs, there’s always a song which you might forget to add to your playlist. So I decided to create an ultimate list of IndiPop songs from the 80’s to 90’s all the way to early ‘2000s which every 90’s kid will cherish. So here you go(in no particular order):

  1. Disco Deewane by Nazia Hassan:
  2. The song and the collaboration which actually started the trend of IndiPop across South Asia and paved the way for non-filmi albums to be sold in India.
    Disco Deewane was produced by Biddu, the pioneer of Indi-Pop music and maybe if he wouldn’t be there, the Pop music might not have flourished in India.
    Nazia Hassan became a household name across Asia and the album became the best-selling album Asian pop album which is still a record waiting to be broken.
    Year’s later Karan Johar used the remixed version of the song in his movie Student Of The Year.

    Trivia: Biddu produced “Kung Fu Fighting” is still one of the best-selling songs. Biddu was behind “Made in India”, helped Alisha Chinai rise, he discovered Shaan & Sagarika.

    But it all started when Biddu collaborated with Nazia Hassan for Qurbani and in 1981 launched them with album Disco Deewane.

    Sagarika Version:

  3. Boom Boom by Biddu
  4. After the success of Disco Deewane, the collaboration of Nazia Hassan-Zoheb Hassan – Biddu struck gold again very next year with Boom Boom. It was another success for the trio and
    cemented Biddu’s status as the pioneer of Disco.

    Nazia Hassan version:

    Biddu Remix version:

    Years later Biddu released the remix version of his 1981 hit, which starred the darling of music videos and immortal beauty, Anupama Verma.

  5. Hawa Hawa by Hasan Jahangir:
  6. Hasan Jahangir released his only and only big hit Hawa Hawa in the late 80’s and hasn’t released a hit since then. Nonetheless, Hawa Hawa was a massive hit back in the day which paved the way for more such songs in the future. It went onto sold more than 15 million copies in India alone.

  7. Made In India by Alisha Chinai
  8. The Album which started it all. The biggest selling IndiPop album of all time. It became the first album to sell 3 million copies in India and was the first pop album whose sales were comparable to the Hindi films.
    It also marked the beginning of large-scale music videos and Milind Soman became the dream man of every Indian girl.

  9. Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra by Aryans
  10. Shahid Kapoor’s first foray with popularity and Aryan’s breakout hit. And video brings some old memories. Where are you Aryans?

  11. Tanha Dil by Shaan:
  12. Still, the best song to listen to when you are alone on the road and have no idea where you wanna go or maybe you have left home.

  13. Chandni Raatein by Shamsa Kanwal
  14. Best song for the people with log distance relationship never gets old. If you are in a long distance relationship, send this song to your partner right now and see the magic.

  15.  Dil Dhadke by Baba Sehgal
  16. India’s first Rapper, Baba Sehgal. Period!

  17. Maaeri Yaad Woh by Euphoria
  18. Maaeri was the breakout hit of Euphoria’s second album Phir Dhoom released in 2000. Maaeri also helped in launching Rimi Sen’s career.

  19. Ohh Meri Munni by Remo Fernandes
  20. The one and only Pop album from Remo Fernandes which went onto be Platinum Certified.

  21. Pari Hoon Main by Sunita Rao
  22. The best song for the teenage girls, ever. The video was way ahead of its time and may be addressed fantasy of every teenage girl.

  23. Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat Tumse by Aslam
  24. One of the best songs for the first time lovers. The video with all its vibes is too good and Shibani Kashyap as the heroine of the video who herself became established singer later on. Never got to know what was the lead singer Aslam’s later songs were though.

  25. Oh Sanam by Lucky Ali
  26. Lucky Ali’s debut song and album. Still one of the most original voice. I still can’t believe he is nearing 60 years now. Trivia: Sunoh the album stayed in top 3 in MTV Asia chart for 60 weeks.

  27. Janam Samjha Karo by Asha Bhosle
  28. Asha Bhosle’s first Indi-Pop album in collaboration with the pioneer of Indi-Pop Lesle Lewis. Asha Bhosle won 1997 MTV Award for the album and also it started the blue eyed boy Indi-Pop albums, Milin Soman.

  29. Kya Surat Hai by Bombay Vikings
  30. Although it is basically a remix of the popular Hindi movie, Kya Surat Hai is still remembered as being one of the pioneers of Remixes. The song is primarily in English with basically few lines in Hindi. Most of the Indian music companies rejected the idea of using English as the main language of the song. Finally, Sony BMG produced the album without any changes. The album was an instant success and it still is hugely popular. The video of the song starred Prabhu Deva’s brother Raju Sundaram who is himself a National Award winning choreographer in South along with Malini Sharma who went on to star in Raaz 3 years later.

  31. Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Galli by Euphoria
  32. Euphoria’s third album and Vidya Balan’s breakout hit.

  33. Sayonee by Junoon
  34. One of the pioneer’s of the Sufi Rock music in the world and one of the biggest band’s in the world with popularity all over the globe. I still remember as a kid when the Zee invited Junoon along with Whigfield to perform at their very first Zee Cine Awards in 1998 and they sang Sayonee, the whole performance was electric. After that, they released Azadi the album containing Sayonee and my Dad bought the full album. We still have that.

  35. Jaane Kisne by Shiamak Davar
  36. Shiamak Davar’s debut album and you might not believe that he was the first time singer. The whole vibe of the song is on another level and will transfer you to another world.

  37. Deewana by Sonu Nigam
  38. I didn’t know that this was Sonu Nigam’s 14th Album, not the debut one. But most of his earlier albums were forgettable. It was a big hit in its time and it still is enjoyable.

  39. Maahi Ve by Fakhir Mantra
  40. I recently rediscovered this song again and have been listening to it non-stop ever since. And I can’t believe it came 12 years back because it is still refreshing as hell.

  41. Chuimui Si Tum Lagti Ho by Milind Ingle
  42. This whole album “Ye Hai Prem” was a huge hit in 1998 with Chuimui Si Tum Lagti Ho as the lead single. The video’s of the song made the tiny bunny which you can stick to your shirts hugely popular among the college going kids. It also made Priti Jhangiani and Abbas the popular South Indian actor a household name. The videos were directed by Kunal Kohli which why you can understand that the quality was good.

  43. Gori Naal Ishq Mitha by Bally Sagoo & Malkit Singh
  44. Bally Sagoo moved from Birmingham to Bombay in the early and found success remixing songs of Asha Bhosle. But his biggest success came in the form of original Punjabi track Gori Naal Ishq Mitha
    which starred then supermodels’ Jas Arora and Malaika Arora. Both of them became hugely popular after the video came out.

  45. Mera Laung Gavacha by Bally Sagoo
  46. This was the remix of the original Anu Malik composition from the little-known movie Nagmani but nevertheless became quite popular. This one too featured Jas Arora along with Deepti Bhatnagar.

  47. Aaja Nachle by Bally Sagoo
  48. Another hit song from Bally Sagoo a perfect song for Baarat or a Party. Still my jam.

  49. Purani Jeans by Ali Haider
  50. The best songs ever about college life. I bet you can’t help but remember your college moments while listening to this song. Also, it starred the then unknown(or even now) Kim Sharma.
    Do you know, Ali Haider is now an RJ for a Radio Channel based out of Houston Texas.

  51. Duur by Strings
  52. The song which made us fall in love with Strings. The song was refreshing and will surely make you miss your loved one when you are in a long distance relationship. Duur was Strings comeback album
    9 years after they broke up. You know, they were doing their jobs and were fathers when they decided to give up their jobs and make a comeback. Inspiring!

  53. Yaaron by KK
  54. The best song ever about friendship, Period! Is there any song which perfectly captures the essence and ups and downs of a friendship. KK’s debut album was a big hit all over India and its still one of the best Album’s ever with hits like Yaaron, Pal & Aap Ki Dua becoming massive hits.

  55. Pal by KK
  56. KK still considers Pal as his best song.

  57. Aapki Dua by KK
  58. Deewane Toh Deewane Hain by Shweta Shetty
  59. Shweta Shetty’s music and their videos were different and way ahead of their time. 20 years later, they still feel like you are something new for the first time. Both her albums Johnny Joker and Deewane were big hits
    at the time.

  60. Johnny Joker by Shweta Shetty
  61. Dole Dole by Suchitra
  62. Starring the cute multi-talented actress, singer, writer, painter Suchitra in her debut album, Dole Dole was an experimental album from Suchitra after finding success in films such as Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na.

  63. Tere Bin Jeena Nahin by Bali Brahmabhatt
  64. After giving hits in the early 90’s such as “Amma Dekh”, Bali Brahmabhatt gave a heartfelt melody of a romantic song in “Tere Bin Jeena Nahin”. And this one once again stars Anupama Verma, the queen of
    music videos.

  65. Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi by Falguni Pathak
  66. Who can Falguni Pathak’s debut album. Every Indian girl used to watch Falguni Pathak’s music videos and used to dream about that fairy tale love story. Ever since her first album, Falguni Pathak
    became synonymous with Garba and her pop songs. The video also featured then unknown Riya Sen in one of her first roles.

  67. Maine Payal Hai Chhankai by Falguni Pathak
  68. Meri Chunar Udh Udh Jaye by Falguni Pathak
  69. Sa Ni Dha Pa by Colonial Cousins
  70. Colonial Cousins was formed when Lesle Lewis invited Hariharan to sing a jingle for a commercial ad. Since the lyrics of the song were coming late, Lesle started strumming on his guitar out of boredom. Looking
    at him, Hariharan started jamming with him with an Alaap and the idea for colonial cousins was conceived. The duo sold platinum sales in India with their debut album, of which Sa Ni Dha Pa and Krishna were big hits.

  71. Ye Hawa Kehti Hai Kya by Aryans
  72. Aryans struck again with this breezy song. Also featuring Shayan Munshi before he got stuck in Jessica Lal murder case.

  73. Woh Kaun Thi by Jojo
  74. Jojo’s second album starring Jimmy Shergill in his first music video. Perfect song for the stalker kind and the girls who try to hide themselves.

  75. Roop Tere Mastana by Shaan
  76. It’s basically a remix of “Roop Tera Mastana” from Aradhna but it’s sung so beautifully by Shaan and its video is so music video is so good that I couldn’t stop myself from putting it here. Also, it features Choreographer Geeta Kapoor as the maid dancing inside the house when the boss is not around.

  77. Dooba Dooba Rehta Hoon by Silk Route
  78. The music video of this song won the best video award at the MTV Asia Music Awards. It’s one of the rare videos or may be the only one which is shot underwater for the most part. Silk Route’s
    breakout album was one of the best albums ever with Dooba Dooba Rehta Hoon a perfect song for a heartbreak (way better than Channa Mereya, believe me, Millenials)

    Audio Version:

  79. Leja Leja Re by Shreya Ghoshal & Ustad Sultan Khan
  80. This awesome album, Ustad & the Divas brought together Ustad Sultan Khan and three of the most talented singers of their generation Sunidhi, Chitra & Shreya Ghoshal. Shreya was supposed to sing 2 songs with Ustad but due to some limitations, she had to sing only one song. Ironically that song became its most famous song, Leja Leja Re.

  81. Meri Neend Udh Gayi Hai by A Band Of Boys
  82. A great concept since we never had Boy Bands in India, A Band Of Boys was conceived by Lesle Lewis with the mix of singers and models. Later on, they broke and went their separate ways, doing modeling and acting.
    But Meri Neend is still fresh in our memories.

  83. Piya Basanti Re by Ustad Sultan Khan & Chitra
  84. Probably the sweetest song from one of the sweetest voices in the world Chitra. A rare collaboration between Chitra and Ustad Sultan Khan, the album was huge success upon release so much so that it won International viewers choice award at MTV Awards.

  85. Gori Teri Aankhein Kahein by Lucky Ali & Kavita Krishnamurthy
  86. Another rare combination of Lucky Ali and Kavita Krishnamurthy, Gori Teri Aankhein Kahain is one of those rare songs which are hard to dislike. It’s instantly likable music and lyrics made it a huge success upon release.

  87. Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai by Lucky Ali
  88. The song from the fourth album from Lucky Ali was a experimental song with different styles mixed into one. It flows smoothly and will make you fall in love with Lucky Ali again and again and again.

  89. Dhoom Pichak Dhoom by Euphoria
  90. The song and the music video which launched Euphoria way back in 1998 to commercial success. The song was an instant success which paved the way for Hindi Rock and the music video was a huge
    hit too on MTV.

  91. Bijuria by Sonu Nigam
  92. Released in 1999, the song was a big hit and the music video paid homage to the Michael Jackson’s Thriller with its use of horror setting.

  93. Is Kadar Pyaar Hai by Sonu Nigam
  94. Featuring Sonu Nigam’s biggest album till date, Iss Kadar Pyaar Hai was a part of the album Deewana released in 1999 which also contained hit songs like Deewana and Ab Mujhe Raat Din. The music video featured
    always reliable for a video, Mr Milind Soman in a cute love story.

  95. Deewane Hoke Hum by Sonu Nigam
  96. Another soulful love song from Sonu Nigam’s album Jaan. The song too was a big hit and cemented Sonu Nigam’s status as the lead singer.

  97. Mohabbat Maine Ki Toh Nahi Thi by Sonu Nigam
  98. Another melodious track by Sonu Nigam from his hit album Yaad in 2001 which completed his Hattrick of hit albums, other two being Deewana and Jaan.

  99. Channa Ve Ghar Aa Ja by Kunal Ganjawala
  100. Kunal Ganjawala’s only track in this list, which is surprising given his track record in Hindi movies. Nevertheless, the song was a big hit and still makes people dance in the clubs.

  101. Sochta Hoon Uska Dil by Babul Supriyo
  102. Another talented singer having only one sing in this list. Bahut Naainsaafi hai. Regardless of that, the song was a hit with the audiences and the music video too was appreciated.

  103. Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun by Rabbi Shergill
  104. The song was an instant hit all over India and gave Rabbi Shergill a perfect platform to launch his unique talent. The song is actually based on a famous poem by poet Bulleh Shah and has been covered by various artists from India and Pakistan but we still remember this is a Rabbi Shergill song.

  105. Dhaani by Strings
  106. After the stupendous success of Duur, strings came back with another soulful hit Dhaani. Another hit from the same album “Naa Jaane Kyun” was included in the soundtrack of Hollywood superhero movie
    Spiderman 2(2004). Now that says something about the quality of Strings music.

  107. Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahe Hain by Atif Aslam
  108. One of the best songs for people who don’t what they are doing in their life and what they want become. The song which belonged to the Blockbuster album from Aatif, Doorie, still leaves the same
    impact and one of the best Hindi Rock songs ever.

  109. Chanda Ki Doli Mein by Sonu Nigam
  110. The frigging 18th album from Sonu Nigam came after a long gap of 4 years and was awarded best Pop album by MTV Awards.

  111. Sar Kiye Ye Pahar by Strings
  112. The very first album from Strings launched way back in 1991, was an instant success while they were still in college and soon disbanded to focus on their further studies only to return 9 years later on with
    Duur. Trivia: Do you know, after leaving the band Bilal Maksood started working as Creative Director at an Advertising agency whereas Faizal Kapadia went to US to continue Business Studies only to realise
    later on that they can’t live without music.

  113. Doorie by Atif Aslam
  114. The first single from the Blockbuster album from Atif, Doorie was a super success upon release and gave a glimpse of what to expect from the album.

  115. Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera by Pankaj Udhas
  116. The song for the lovers after getting 2 pegs down. Pankaj Udhas have been integral part of the Indian music industry be it films or albums and no one can deny the impact of this song.

  117. Ehsaas by Atif Aslam
  118. Another Pop Chartbuster from Doorie by Atif. Ehsaas is one of those rare songs which will take you to another world if you listen to its soulful lyrics carefully.

  119. Mora Piya Mose Bole Na by Fuzon
  120. One of those rare combination of classical, sufi and pop music, this song can be enjoyed by anyone from any age group. The music video for the song is the homage to the classical movies of the 50’s & 60’s and bears close resemblance
    to Guru Dutt’s classic Kaagaz Ke Phool.

  121. Aur Ahista Kije Baatein by Pankaj Udhas
  122. This melodious track launched the career of Sameera Reddy and gave us another beautiful track from Pankaj Udhas. Its still refreshing as it was 18 years ago.

  123. Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein by Adnan Saami
  124. Adnan Sami’s breakout song from the album Always Yours, Bheegi Bheegi Raaton mein was a Blockbuster success and was the top selling music album at that time with sales in excess of 4 million copies.

  125. Teri Deewani by Kailash Kher
  126. Koi Lauta De Woh Pyare Pyare Din by Abhijeet
  127. Jab Saamne Tum Aa Jaate Ho by Asha Bhosale Feat. Jagjit Singh
  128. Dil Keh Raha Hai Dil Se by Adnan Sami
  129. Ab Mujhe Raat Din by Sonu Nigam
  130. Kuch Is Tarah by Atif Aslam
  131. Lafzon Mein Keh Na Sako by Abhijeet Sawant
  132. Abke Baras Woh Haal Hai by Sunita Rao
  133. Breathless by Shankar Mahadevan
  134. Afreen Afreen by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  135. Aadat by Jal
  136. Mujhe Mil Jo Jaaye Thoda Paisa by Agosh
  137. Bolo Tara Rara by Daler Mehendi
  138. Tunak Tun by Daler Mehendi
  139. Tere Mere Saath Jo Hota Hai by Lucky Ali
  140. Dekha Hai Teri Aakhon Ko by Aryans
  141. Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao by Adnan Sami
  142. Nachange Saari Raat by Stereo Nation
  143. Ab Ke Saawan by Shubha Mudgal
  144. Ali More Angana by Shubha Mudgal
  145. Ae Sanam by Abbey
  146. Dekha Hai Aise Bhi by Lucky Ali
  147. Bhool Ja by Shaan
  148. Meri Kahani by Atif
  149. Woh Lamhe by Jal
  150. Sajni by Jal
  151. Sajania by Ali Zafar
  152. Don’t Break My Heart by Stereo Nation
  153. Suno Toh Diwana Dil by Kamal Khan
  154. Mohabbat Kabhi Maine Ki To Nahi Thi by Sonu Nigam
  155. Rangilo Maro Dholna by Shubha Mudgal
  156. Duniya by Raageshwari
  157. Kesariya Hai Roop Maro by Sunita Rao
  158. Piya Se Milke Aaye Nain by Hema Sardesai
  159. Piya Re Piya Re by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  160. Chupke Chupke by Pankaj Udhas
  161. Kahin Karta Hoga by Anamika
  162. Honorable Mentions

    Do check out below mentioned songs as they might not be as popular as above songs but they are totally part of the IndiPop wave of 90’s:

    Maula by Atif

    Jach Gayi Kudi by Milind Ingle

    Ladkiyan by Ravi Behl

    Gori by A Band Of Boys

    Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna by Junoon

    Feeling Hot Hot by Bina Mistry Feat. Neelam

    Chandu Ke Chacha by Aasma

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