Poster for the movie "Topless"

The ever-lively and upbeat Natsuko tries to mend a broken heart by carrying on with a string of short-lived affairs after her break-up with Tomomi. But when Tomomi announces her plans to marry – a man – Natsuko becomes inconsolable. While all this is taking place, Natsuko’s straight male roommate is grappling with his own feelings for her, and a young high school girl comes to Tokyo searching for the mother that long ago left […]

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Poster for the movie "Krishna"

Krishna falls in love with Sandhya whose brother is a builder. Jatka, a ruffian loves Sandhya and wishes to marry her. Krishna has to take on Jatka to win his love.

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Poster for the movie "Sunshine"

Steve Coogan stars in this three-part bittersweet comedy about a family man’s fight against his own gambling addiction. Set in the north of England, Coogan plays Bing, a man who’s determined to provide for himself and his family, as long as his lines eventually come up at the bookies. He never has much luck, but his wife (Lisa Millett) still loves the cheery soul who always looks on the bright side, especially when he’s losing, […]

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Mister Lonely

Poster for the movie "Mister Lonely"

In Paris, a young American who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe, who invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin and her daughter, Shirley Temple.

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God’s Ears

Poster for the movie "God's Ears"

Noah Connelly is a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. But when he meets a dancer named Alexia, the two discover together that the toughest fight may be not be of the body, but of the heart.

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Lady Magdalene’s

Poster for the movie "Lady Magdalene's"

Jack Goldwater, an IRS agent on loan to the Federal Air Marshal Service, is relieved of field duty after insulting a powerful U.S. Senator, and finds himself exiled to a humiliating desk job in Nevada as the federal receiver managing a legal brothel in tax default, where — with the help of the brothel Madam, Lady Magdalene — he uncovers an Al Qaeda plot to unload a nuclear-bomb-sized crate at Hoover Dam.

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Hastey Hastey

Poster for the movie "Hastey Hastey"

A colorful, energetic and humorous depiction of how globalization and technology have made the world a really small place.

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Poster for the movie "Chanchal"

Chanchal    Details  Casting  Photos Release Date  10 August 2008 Directed by  Indrajit Singh Starring  Gracy Singh, Armaan Shahabi Writer  — Composer  — Genres  — Country   India Rating  Not rated yet! Synopsis and Details — Year of production  2008 Release Date  10 August 2008 Local Release Date  — Revenue  — Budget  — Language  Hindi Casting Photos No image to show for Chanchal Overview Details Movie Status  — Movie Media  — Movie Rating  — Movie Language  — Movie Subtitles  — Movie Format  — Metadata TMDb ID  79111 Original Title  Chanchal Release Date  10 August 2008 Local Release Date  — Runtime  — Production  — Country  […]

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