Hidden Gem Movies : Dead Man’s Shoes

Poster for the movie "Dead Man's Shoes"

There are movies which everybody has seen such as The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park or Avatar. These movies are technical and filmmaking accomplishments no doubt. But there are certain movies which might not have the luxury of the enormous budget but they do leave a huge impact on you long after you have seen them. I have created this section with the sole purpose of introducing these movies to audiences unfamiliar with them so that more and more people get to see them who like these kinds of movies. One such movie I watched accidentally a few days ago was […]

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List Of 101 Iconic IndiPop Songs Every 90’s Kid Should Listen To

IndiPop 90's

90’s was the best decade ever, period! There I said it. It was the time of India’s globalization and with newly introduced economic reforms India was learning to adjust to the thinking of the west. India achieved so much in the 90’s which laid the foundation of the growing India we see now. New economic  policies were introduced in 1991, we won the Kargil war, we won back to back Miss India and Miss Universe crowns in the same year i.e ’94, Pokhran test was conducted in ’98, we got two of the most beloved movies of all time in […]

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Dangal Becomes First Indian Movie To Cross 2000 Crore in Worldwide Collections

Dangal Poster

Dangal today became the first Indian movie ever to cross the mark of 2000 Cr. Rupee in Worldwide collection. Ever since the movie opened in China and Taiwan following the heavy marketing by Amir Khan, it has a non-stop run at the box office there. Based on the life of wrestler Mahavir Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita, Dangal was released in China on 5th May in over 9000 screens. After trailing in its first week, Dangal secured the top position in Chinese Box Office beating Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Dangal was able to connect with the Chinese […]

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13 Reasons Why You Should See 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why

The latest Netflix breakout series “13 Reasons Why” have been in lots of discussions lately and for good reasons. It discusses lots of important issues which teenagers face and which ultimately lead them to take some unfortunate decisions. In fact, it has recently lead to a man committing suicide in the similar fashion as the lead character in the series, leaving behind a series of tapes for the people who he thinks lead to his suicide. Now, authorities in the US are concerned that this might lead to copycat incidents similar to “A Clockwork Orange”, “Fight Club” or “Heat“. The […]

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Box Office

Top 10 Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies 2017:   RANK FILM RELEASE DATE 1ST WEEKEND TOTAL COLLECTIONS 1 Baahubali 28 April 2017 128 Cr. 488 Cr 2 Raees 25 Jan 2017 93.24 Cr. 128 Cr. 3 Kaabil 25 Jan 2017 67.46 Cr. 126.85 Cr. 4 Badrinath Ki Dulhania 10 Mar 2017 43.05 Cr. 114 Cr.  5 Jolly LLB 2 10 Feb 2017 50.46 Cr. 107.17 Cr.  6 Naam Shabana 31 Mar 2017 18.76 Cr. 35.69 Cr.  7 Phillauri 24 Mar 2017 15.25 Cr. 28.40 Cr.  8 Commando 2 3 Mar 2017 15.74 Cr. 24.90 Cr.  9 OK Jaanu 13 Jan 2017 13.80 […]

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List Of 75 Bollywood Movies You Didn’t Knew Were Copied From Other Movies

Movie making is not an easy job. You have to come up with a story, then write a screenplay, bring the right actors for the part and so on. So what is the easiest way to make a movie? Simple! Copy the story from another movie from Hollywood or may be from another country. And that’s the route our Hindi filmmakers choose while making a movie. And some of them are pioneers of doing that such as Sanjay Gupta, Mohit Suri and so on. So we decided to bring forth a definite list of movies that were copied from movies […]

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10 Best Vinod Khanna Movies You Must Watch

Veteran actor of over 140 films and Member of Parliament, Vinod Khanna, passed away today in the morning. He was 70. A heartthrob of 70’s & 80’s, known for his killer looks and tall lanky built, Mr. Khanna gave stiff competition to Amitabh Bachchan, with whom he starred in 6 movies and two of them are considered as a blockbuster. Today, we remember 10 of his best movies you must watch: 10. Lahu Ke Do Rang(1979):   Chahiye thoda pyaar, thoda pyaar chahiye….janeman gulbadan meri baat maaniye…. Sings Mr. Khanna stalking Shaban Azmi in the lanes of Darjeeling confessing his love.Lahu Ke Do Rang is one many multi starer’s Vinod Khanna starred at the height of his career. The film was a hit at the box office and also stars Danny in on of his very few good guy roles. Here’s the synopsis of the movie: Inspector Raj Singh’s father was killed by Shankar and his men for gold. Years later he locates them but also finds that he has a step brother Suraj who works for Shankar now known as Devi Dayal.     9. Hera Pheri(1976): It’s one of the most fun movies you will watch starring two of the top actors of the 70’s Mr.Bacchan and Mr.Khanna in one of their 6 collaborations on screen, apart from Amar Akbar Anthony.The initial scenes where both of them con people are hilarious.  Also starring Saira Banu and Sulakshana Pandit, the movie was a superhit at the box office. Vinod Khanna got the best supporting actor nomination at the Filmfare awards for the movie. Here’s the synopsis of the movie:. Two best friends and con-artists friendship are tested when one of them discovers that the other one is the long lost son of the person who killed his father. 8. Qurbani(1980): One of the most stylish movies of Bollywood, Qurbani was the biggest hit of the year 1980, which also introduced famous Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan to the Indian audiences with “Aap Jaisa Koi”.  The movie is also credited with bringing “Disco Revolution” in India with the soundtrack being popular even today with other hits like “Hum Tumhain Chahte Hain”, “Laila Ho Laila” and “Kya Dekhte Ho”. Here’s the synopsis of the movie: […]

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9 Most Shocking Moments From Bollywood Movies

Gangs Of Wasseypur

What makes a scene memorable?Dialogue? Great Acting? Direction? Actors? Or Shock value? Sometimes its directors or story’s demand to create shock value in a particular scene. Western serials such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are filled with shocking scenes and these are the moments which make these serials memorable. After all Game of Thrones is known for Red Wedding and Breaking Bad for Ozymandias. Hence it’s not surprising to see that our own Indian filmmakers such as Ram Gopal Verma and Anurag Kashyap have often used shock value as one of the primary means of storytelling in their […]

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Raabta Trailer : Sushant & Kriti’s Real Life Chemistry is Evident in New Trailer

Sushant Singh Rajput Raabta Trailer

Today brought the trailer of much awaited “Raabta” with real life love birds Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon playing love birds in multiple lives. The trailer starts with a typical romantic backdrop of boy and girl meeting in a foreign location and after lots of kisses falling in love, until Jim Sarbh of Neerja(2016) fame, the big baddie of the movie, also from the previous life, enter their new life. The trailer then shows our lead actors in some bizarre native American type costumes, which is funny because they look nothing like an Indian tribe or Indian kingdom. But […]

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Maatr Trailer : Raveena is back with a bang in an intriguing trailer

Maatr Raveena Tandon Movie

I have always been a fan of Raveena Tandon, as she always chose a different path as compared to her contemporaries. She was the mast mast girl of Bollywood and super hot too. So seeing her in a totally different type of avatar after such a long time was always welcome. There is something about our actresses from the 90’s. They might not be appreciated during their peak for their acting abilities when they were lead actresses but now when do something, they do it differently and with style, case in point Juhi Chawla in Gulaab Gang(2014) and now Raveena […]

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