Watch The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Preview

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Preview

So today we finally saw the third episode of Game Of Throne’s 3 episode Newspaper The Queen’s Justice and we must say it didn’t disappoint. From the meeting and the reunions everyone’s waiting for to the departure of fan favorite character, every moment was amazing and we can see that this season the writer’s are not going to slow down and every episode will bring some unexpected deaths leading up to a major standoff. On top of that HBO released the preview to the next episode which surely looks epic. Check out the preview here:

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Watch The Terrifying New Trailer Of Horror Movie IT

Image from the movie "It"

Warner Bros. just released the terrifying new trailer of the Horror movie It and it looks terrific. Those who don’t know about “It”, here are some interesting facts about the movie which will surely become the highest grossing horror movie ever. It is based on the best selling novel of the same name from the acclaimed writer Stephen King. Those who don’t know about Stephen King, don’t be depressed. We will give you a moment to feel bad about yourself. Stephen King is the writer of the acclaimed novels such as Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Stand By Me, The Dark […]

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Marvel Releases New Trailer For Thor: Ragnarok at Comic-Con

Thor Ragnarok Trailer

Marvel yesterday released the brand new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok and it seems like another hit from the studio. This time rather going on a solo adventure Thor needs a team just like the old times and this time helping him is Hulk, Loki and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Unlike the previous trailer where the concentration was on the big fight between Hulk and Thor, this time the focus is back on the fight with Hella(Cate Blanchett) and how these guys have to come together to fight this big bad god of death. Highlights from the trailer are of course […]

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7 Awesome Things We Learned From Justice League Trailer At Comic Con


Image via Warner Bros.   Warner Bros. yesterday unveiled the latest explosive sneak peek of the hugely awaited Justice League at Comic-Con and we can say that DCEU is going all out after the huge critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman. As a lifelong Batman fan ever since I saw The Dark Knight, this makes me really happy but also skeptical as I remember my hopes of getting decent movies from DC shattered one after another by Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.  But as Wonder Woman showed us last summer that All’s not lost and there’s still some home. So […]

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Hidden Gem Movies : Dead Man’s Shoes

Poster for the movie "Dead Man's Shoes"

There are movies which everybody has seen such as The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park or Avatar. These movies are technical and filmmaking accomplishments no doubt. But there are certain movies which might not have the luxury of the enormous budget but they do leave a huge impact on you long after you have seen them. I have created this section with the sole purpose of introducing these movies to audiences unfamiliar with them so that more and more people get to see them who like these kinds of movies. One such movie I watched accidentally a few days ago was […]

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List Of 101 Iconic IndiPop Songs Every 90’s Kid Should Listen To

IndiPop 90's

90’s was the best decade ever, period! There I said it. It was the time of India’s globalization and with newly introduced economic reforms India was learning to adjust to the thinking of the west. India achieved so much in the 90’s which laid the foundation of the growing India we see now. New economic  policies were introduced in 1991, we won the Kargil war, we won back to back Miss India and Miss Universe crowns in the same year i.e ’94, Pokhran test was conducted in ’98, we got two of the most beloved movies of all time in […]

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Dangal Becomes First Indian Movie To Cross 2000 Crore in Worldwide Collections

Dangal Poster

Dangal today became the first Indian movie ever to cross the mark of 2000 Cr. Rupee in Worldwide collection. Ever since the movie opened in China and Taiwan following the heavy marketing by Amir Khan, it has a non-stop run at the box office there. Based on the life of wrestler Mahavir Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita, Dangal was released in China on 5th May in over 9000 screens. After trailing in its first week, Dangal secured the top position in Chinese Box Office beating Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Dangal was able to connect with the Chinese […]

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13 Reasons Why You Should See 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why

The latest Netflix breakout series “13 Reasons Why” have been in lots of discussions lately and for good reasons. It discusses lots of important issues which teenagers face and which ultimately lead them to take some unfortunate decisions. In fact, it has recently lead to a man committing suicide in the similar fashion as the lead character in the series, leaving behind a series of tapes for the people who he thinks lead to his suicide. Now, authorities in the US are concerned that this might lead to copycat incidents similar to “A Clockwork Orange”, “Fight Club” or “Heat“. The […]

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Box Office

Top 10 Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies 2017:   RANK FILM RELEASE DATE 1ST WEEKEND TOTAL COLLECTIONS 1 Baahubali 28 April 2017 128 Cr. 488 Cr 2 Raees 25 Jan 2017 93.24 Cr. 128 Cr. 3 Kaabil 25 Jan 2017 67.46 Cr. 126.85 Cr. 4 Badrinath Ki Dulhania 10 Mar 2017 43.05 Cr. 114 Cr.  5 Jolly LLB 2 10 Feb 2017 50.46 Cr. 107.17 Cr.  6 Naam Shabana 31 Mar 2017 18.76 Cr. 35.69 Cr.  7 Phillauri 24 Mar 2017 15.25 Cr. 28.40 Cr.  8 Commando 2 3 Mar 2017 15.74 Cr. 24.90 Cr.  9 OK Jaanu 13 Jan 2017 13.80 […]

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List Of 75 Bollywood Movies You Didn’t Knew Were Copied From Other Movies

Movie making is not an easy job. You have to come up with a story, then write a screenplay, bring the right actors for the part and so on. So what is the easiest way to make a movie? Simple! Copy the story from another movie from Hollywood or may be from another country. And that’s the route our Hindi filmmakers choose while making a movie. And some of them are pioneers of doing that such as Sanjay Gupta, Mohit Suri and so on. So we decided to bring forth a definite list of movies that were copied from movies […]

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